Recommended – Thailand

In light of the continued growth of the aviation sector in Southeast Asia, DFDL has assembled a team combining international experience and local legal expertise, with the aim of becoming the local counsel of choice for international clients. Our knowledge of the local laws, regulations and policies of the local civil aviation authorities is of paramount importance in the aviation sector, especially as some of the DFDL jurisdictions have yet to ratify the Cape Town Convention and Protocol.

DFDL’s aviation team has built a sterling reputation in providing the specialist legal services needed by today’s aviation industry and regularly advises clients – including most of the major international law firms recognized for their aviation work, as well as the major international aircraft/engine lessors, banks and financiers – on:

  • Regulatory and compliance matters for airlines, airports, financial institutions, international law firms and lessors;
  • Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and joint-ventures of airlines;
  • Aircraft and engine financing and leasing;
  • Registration requirements (including in relation to specific practices and policies for non-Cape Town Convention jurisdictions), perfection of locally governed security interests, enforcement of owner’s rights and repossession.