International Desks

In addition to our core capabilities, as a full-service law firm, DFDL provides a full range of commercial and corporate legal services to foreign and local investors. We provide local and international legal expertise for every phase of an investment – from initial contacts, licensing, negotiations with governments and joint venture partners, land purchasing, leasing and financing, to operational issues such as labor, taxation, environmental regulations, corporate governance, and other contractual matters.

Asian Desks

To meet the specific needs of certain Asian business communities investing in the Mekong region and beyond, DFDL created three dedicated pan-regional Asia desks: DFDL China Desk and DFDL India Desk.

DFDL’s Asia desks are pan-regional DFDL Practice Groups whose mission is to help Asian investors successfully enter other markets across Asia and elsewhere. To assist these investors, we draw upon our firm’s international and local legal and tax expertise and combine this with our exceptional understanding of their culture and business needs.

Our Asia desk teams are comprised of Chinese and Indian nationals and other international advisers who are highly experienced in working with Chinese and Indian business interests. In Chinese, Hindi or English, our advisers are able to provide a full range of legal and tax services to Chinese and Indian investors who are keen to develop their operations internationally.