2019 09 September

Cambodia Legal Update: New National Fire Safety Systems Code Launched in Cambodia


The Association of Fire Prevention Enterprises of Cambodia (“AFPE”) in conjunction with the National Quality Inspection Centre for fire Safety Systems (“NICS”) hosted a seminar on 9 September 2019 on the introduction of the National Standard Book on Fire Safety Systems – Building Design Code.

This new Code has been developed by the General Commissariat of the National Police and the National Quality Inspection Center for Fire Safety Systems of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It entered into force on 12 August 2019 and comprises 13 chapters along with 7 appendices.

The new Code shall apply to the construction of new buildings as well as to extensions and the refurbishment of existing buildings. This Code provides comprehensive technical specifications for fire prevention and aims to protect occupants and properties by imposing standards to prevent and reduce risks of fire breaking out in buildings and similar structures.

This Code “is not applicable to the fire protection design for buildings and similar structures that are industrial buildings (storages) for gunpowder, explosives and their products or industrial buildings (storages) for fireworks and firecrackers”.

The code includes various definitions including the definition of high-rise buildings (higher than 27 meters when they are residential and 24 meters for multi-storey industrial buildings, storage facilities and other civil buildings).

In addition to this Code, the fire protection design of buildings must also comply with all other relevant national standards and policies.

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DFDL Cambodia quoted in Construction Property Magazine Article: ‘New National Fire Safety Systems Code Launched in Cambodia’.

The full Construction Property Magazine article can be found here.

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