2009 31 December

DFDL Cambodia



DFDL established its office in Phnom Penh in January 1995, as the first officially authorized foreign legal and tax consultancy in Cambodia. Our advisers working in Cambodia are dedicated to providing services of an international standard coupled with in-depth knowledge of the local environment.

In Cambodia, DFDL is licensed as an investment company by the Council for the Development of Cambodia and the Cambodian Investment Board. We are also registered as a private limited company with the Ministry of Commerce. Under these licenses and registrations, we are permitted to provide legal, tax and investment advisory services of an international nature. As for advice in respect of Cambodian law matters we refer our clients to, and work in commercial collaboration with, a network of 5 relationship Cambodian law firms.

Our clients are major international and Asian foreign investors in Cambodia, including large foreign and Asian financial institutions. We have been involved in most major projects in Cambodia since our office was open over 17 years ago, including electricity projects, aviation, telecommunications, cement projects and large real estate projects to name a few.

Contact: Guillaume Massin, Managing Director Cambodia

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