2020 21 September

Philippines: Guidelines on the Issuance and/or Reinstitution of Permits & Licenses Under the “New Normal”


The Anti-Red Tape Authority (“ARTA”)

ARTA is a government agency created under Republic Act No. 11032 (“RA No. 11032”), otherwise known as the “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018”.

ARTA is tasked to implement policies, processes, and procedures in order to obtain the objectives of RA No. 11032, among which are the following:

    1. Implement and oversee a national policy on anti-red tape and ease of doing business;
    2. Recommend policies, processes, and systems to improve regulatory management to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of business permitting and licensing agencies; and
    3. Provide technical assistance and advisory opinions in the review of proposed national or local legislation, regulations,or procedures.

Consistent with its mandate, ARTA has issued on 27 August 2020, Memorandum Circular No. 2020-06 (“MC 2020-06”) to all government offices and agencies in the executive department, including local government units (“LGUs”), government-owned and controlled corporations (“GOCCs”), and other government instrumentalities, whether located in the Philippines or abroad (collectively, “Government Agencies”).

The purpose of MC 2020-06 is to provide streamlined and automated standards and procedures to be adopted by Government Agencies in issuing or approving permits and licenses under the “New Normal”.

The New Normal & The General Guidelines

New Normal” refers to the new norms and standards that are to be adopted by the government and the people in order to prevent or contain the transmission of COVID-19 or any other highly transmissible/communicable disease even after a vaccine has been developed.

Under the ”New Normal,” Government Agencies are expected to implement heightened zero contact measures, to put up and disseminate relevant on-site signages and online information materials and establish various forms of electronic or digital or e-governance platforms or mechanisms.

Government Agencies are required to implement the following measures in permitting and licensing under the New Normal:

  1. Reduction of Requirement for Permits, Licenses, and Authorizations;
  2. Electronic Submission and Acceptance;
  3. Reduction of Signatories and Use of Electronic Signatures;
  4. Digital Payments for Licenses, Permits and Other Fees;
  5. Zero-Contact Policy in Conduct of Interactions; and
  6. Observance and Compliance with RA No. 11032 and its Implementing Rules.

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