2019 23 July

DFDL Cambodia Participates on Cooperation Committee for Cambodia Bi-Monthly Members’ Meeting


On 18 July 2019, the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (“CCC”) held its Bi-Monthly Members’ Meeting.

The first part of the meeting focused on CCC new members and their development approaches.

For the second session, Linda Oum, DFDL Senior Consultant, Tax Practice Group, and Chesda Teng, DFDL Senior Consultant, Corporate and Commercial Practice Group, gave detailed presentations on legal, tax and labor issues of particular relevance to NGOs.

Their speeches covered recent tax updates and developments related to NGOs, new labor registration requirements, guidelines on the different types of contracts and the development of seniority pay regulations.

DFDL Contacts

Linda Oum

Senior Consultant, Tax Practice Group

DFDL Cambodia


Chesda Teng

Senior Consultant, Corporate and Commercial Practice Group

DFDL Cambodia


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