2021 18 February

Marion Carles-Salmon Participates in ELA Podcast on Vietnamese Labor Code 2019


On 12 February 2021, Marion Carles-Salmon (DFDL Head of Regional Employment & Labor Practice and Regional Senior Legal Adviser) participated in the latest Employment Law Alliance (“ELA”) podcast on the Vietnamese Labor Code 2019 and its effects on employers. In this episode, Peter Walts from ELA and Marion discussed the new Vietnamese Labor Code 2019 which was adopted on 20 November 2019 and came into effect on 1 January 2021. Marion explained how this new Labor Code revises several provisions across all chapters of the Labor Code 2012 and how companies are expected to comply with these new provisions from January 2021 onward. In only 9 minutes, this podcast is a quick and easily accessible guide for Human Resources professionals to get to grips with the new Vietnamese Labor Code and how to stay fully compliant!

Click here to listen to this insightful episode: https://www.ela.law/podcasts/episode-218-the-vietnamese-labor-code-2019-and-its-effects-on-employers/

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