2019 14 June

Marion Lagrange and Yada Hongchayangkool Speak at Thailand Cybersecurity 2019


On 18 June 2019, Marion Lagrange (DFDL Thailand Legal adviser) and Yada Hongchayangkool (DFDL Thailand Legal adviser) spoke at the ‘Thailand Cybersecurity 2019’ event organized by the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (“ETDA”) of Thailand. This event provided organizations and stakeholders with advice and expertise on cybersecurity, e-transactions, privacy and secure environments aimed at helping them grow and protect themselves in the age of Thailand’s digital transformation. Marion and Yada gave presentations on the recently enacted law concerning personal data protection in Thailand (Personal Data Protection Act) and how these changes stand to impact technology firms in the coming years.

DFDL Contacts

Marion Lagrange

Legal Adviser

DFDL Thailand


Yada Hongchayangkool

Yada Hongchayangkool

Legal adviser

DFDL Thailand


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