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Whether you are an employer or employee, it is vital to understand your rights and responsibilities to ensure a fair and safe working environment. Prepared by DFDL employment law and tax experts, the Employment and Employee Benefits Global Guide from Thomson Reuters Practical Law covers all legal and regulatory aspects of employment and employee benefits in Cambodia in an accessible Q&A format.

Key topics explained include:

  • Classification of employees and contractors
  • Types of employment contracts
  • Minimum wages and taxation rates
  • Leave and entitlements
  • Visa and work permit procedures
  • Health and safety obligations
  • Business transfers, insolvency obligations and employee relocation
  • Termination of employment including dismissal procedure, notice periods and severance payments
  • Employee representation
  • Restrictive covenant
  • Dispute resolution

Please note that subsequent to the publication of this edition of the Employment and Employee Benefits Global Guide, the proposed amendment to the Labour Law as indicated in the Proposals for Reform section (no. 25) has been enacted. Please see the DFDL legal update on the amendment of the Labour Law for further details.

Download the guide here:

Thomson Reuters Practical Law: Employment and Employee Benefits Global Guide 2021 – Cambodia

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