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Navigating the Fintech Revolution – ASEAN Path #16

The 16th edition of DFDL’s ASEAN Path entitled Navigating the Fintech Revolution is now available for download.

Vinay Ahuja (Partner, Head of Regional Banking, Finance & Technology Practice) said that: “The 2021 edition of DFDL’s ASEAN Path on fintech is the indispensable guide that fintech experts need to read to stay up-to-date with current and future fintech developments and to ensure clear and successful navigation of the sector’s many challenges and pitfalls!”

In this edition, DFDL reports on the current state of fintech within the ASEAN region from a legislative and policy perspective with a country-based overview of the current and future fintech landscape. COVID-19 has thrust the world into recession and its related domino effects have led to rapid and accelerated change. Most notably, industries have moved online as we collectively begin to embrace and advance headlong into an increasingly digitalized society. In response to extended lockdowns, society has become more reliant on technology than it has ever historically been. Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Lao PDR, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam: this guide will serve as an essential reference tool for fintech professionals seeking to navigate the various challenges and pitfalls in the realm of fintech.

ASEAN Path is a series of white papers prepared by DFDL experts that aim to provide in-depth assessment of the compelling issues arising from the regional economic integration under the auspices of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) blueprint.