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ASEAN Path #10 A Delicate Balance – ASEAN, Development and Environmental Regulation

In this edition of the ASEAN Path, Audray Souche, Hoang Phong Anh, Kristy Newby, Bridget Di Certo, and Kunal Sachdev take a closer look at the development and the environmental regulations in ASEAN and in particular in Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and the Lao PDR. The authors give an overview of the development of domestic environmental laws, trends in the lower Mekong region and examine why environmental practices have become a priority for governments.


Audray Souche
Partner, Thailand; Deputy Head of regional Energy, Mining and Infrastructure Practice Group

Hoang Phong Anh
Partner, Vietnam

Kristy Newby
Senior Legal Adviser, Vietnam

Bridget Di Certo
Legal Adviser, Myanmar

Kunal Sachdev
Legal Adviser, Thailand