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Bangladesh Investment Guide 2018

It is our great pleasure to introduce the new 2018 edition of our Investment Guide for Bangladesh.

Strategically situated between India, China, and the lucrative markets of ASEAN, Bangladesh is a country rich with opportunities and challenges. Bangladesh has started proving itself to be an attractive investment destination with its 160 million strong population, and steady 6% average economic growth rate for over a decade leading to resilient and rising domestic demand. Foreign companies need to seriously consider investing in Bangladesh, especially given that the vast opportunities the country has to offer far outweigh the complexities that can arise when doing business here.

From our extensive regional experience in assisting investors by developing and enhancing their operations throughout Asia, we firmly believe that Bangladesh has one of the most investor friendly foreign direct investment (FDI) regimes in the entire region. Nonetheless, on a practical level for foreign investors, entering the Bangladesh market may often appear daunting and fraught with risks. Dynamic as the country continues to be, Bangladesh is still a frontier market country and as such, many issues remain which investors coming from more developed jurisdictions can find complicated and unwieldy.

This guide will serve as an essential reference tool for international investors seeking to do business in Bangladesh, while simultaneously offering crucial guidance on navigating the various challenges and pitfalls of its legal and commercial environment.

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