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Lao PDR Investment Guide 2016

We are pleased to introduce the 2016 edition of our investment guide for Laos.

Understanding the ins and outs of opening and developing a business in Laos can often be daunting. The latest investment guide identifies all the pitfalls, difficulties and solutions of navigating an investment through the legal highway in this country. DFDL advisers are dedicated to ensuring the process of investing in the country is as simple and straightforward as possible and leading legal experts in their field give their opinions and share their experiences in this user-friendly guide to piloting these legal systems.

This investment guide focuses on the current legal climate and accurately identifies challenges investors are bound to face while equipping you with useful solutions and advice. Everything you need to know about contemporary laws and regulations are explained in a concise and systematic manner in this innovative guide. Investors will learn about new niche markets and investment pockets in the country as well as gain in-depth knowledge on the step by step process of setting up a business in Laos.