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Thailand Investment Guide 2018

It is our great pleasure to introduce the 2018 edition of our Investment Guide for Thailand.

This publication has been designed by DFDL as a reference tool for investors, whether they be newcomers or seasoned business professionals, who seek a comprehensive understanding of the Thai legal and commercial environment. The fourth phase of Thailand’s economic development journey sees the Kingdom shifting from an agriculture-based economic model to one of intermediate light and advanced industry, a process that continues apace. Thailand 4.0 represents the final step in transforming Thailand into a first world nation and ASEAN heavyweight. As Thai society continues to evolve, the legal framework has been undergoing rapid changes, and prudent investors need to pay attention to the levels of certainty and predictability in the local legal system. With in-depth local knowledge of Thailand’s and the Mekong Region’s legal environments, DFDL is the obvious first choice for international investors in Thailand who expect specialized and personalized advisory services at the highest of international standards.