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Vietnam – Tax Guide 2020 Edition

DFDL is pleased to announce the release of the Vietnam Tax Pocket Guide 2020 edition.

Written by DFDL’s tax experts, this comprehensive guide offers a clear and detailed overview and synopsis of the taxation laws and practices currently in force in Vietnam.

While tax laws can be notoriously difficult to decipher, navigate and comply with in emerging markets, DFDL offers a simplified and no-nonsense guide to ensure that individuals and companies can negotiate and understand local tax practices and laws when conducting their activities in Vietnam.

The information provided in this Vietnam Tax Pocket Guide is based on current tax regulations publicly known Vietnam laws, regulations and official practices as of September 2020.

This 2020 edition contains useful information on various topics, from an overview of the Vietnamese accounting and tax system to key elements of the Vietnamese tax laws and regulations and the most recent developments impacting companies doing business in Vietnam.

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