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2nd Annual Asia Offshore Summit, Singapore

When: 31 May – 1 June 2016

Where: Hilton Singapore, Singapore

Bernard Cobarrubias, Regional Tax Director, will be a panelist for the “Tax Efficient Structuring in a Changing Landscape” session at the 2nd Annual Asia Offshore Summit on 31 May – 1 June 2016 in Singapore. The panel will dissect the key issues and present effective measures for cross-border taxation planning.

The Asia Offshore Summit is organized by MX Media Group to offer a platform for professionals and practitioners to improve industry knowledge, network partnership opportunities and accelerate offshore industry development in Asia Pacific region.

Together with other panelists, Bernard will address the following:

  • FATCA, BEPS and FBAR: the most importan t regulations affecting the offshore industry
  • How have these been reshaping Asian enterprises’ outbound investment?
  • Given the current global taxation landscape, the environment for corporations conducting cross-border planning is getting tougher. Will offshore structures go downhill from a tax perspective?
  • What are the specific areas that Asian corporations and their advisors need to consider?
  • What corresponding measures will be taken to maximize tax compliance while retaining legal flexibility, based on business objectives and investment plans?


Bernard Cobarrubias
Regional Tax Director 

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