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Banking, Finance & Technology Day – Key Insights from Industry Experts | 14 June 2022

DFDL is pleased to extend this invitation to the first-ever Banking, Finance & Technology Day to be held at the SOSORO Museum in Phnom Penh on 14 June 2022.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear from industry experts with decades of experience as they explain the latest developments, trends and challenges in Cambodia and across the Mekong region.

In a series of three workshops, led by a moderator in a panel discussion format, our local and regional experts will share best practices and insights on the hottest topics in banking, finance and technology. Each workshop will have a Q&A session for individual inquiries.

There will also be two casual networking sessions, an optional museum tour, and a cocktail reception at the conclusion of the day’s informative event.

Here’s a brief look at the day’s line-up. Click here to view the full program.

WORKSHOP 1 (2:30-3:15 pm): E-Commerce in Cambodia & in the Southeast Asia Region

  • Digital transformation has reshaped global commerce. This panel, moderated by Nishant Choudhary (DFDL Partner), will discuss legal and tax frameworks for online businesses. The panelists are Vinay Ahuja (DFDL Partner), Nearirath Sreng (DFDL Deputy Head of Cambodia Banking, Finance and Technology Practice) and Christopher McCarthy (MangoTango Asia CEO).

NETWORKING & REFRESHMENT #1 (3:15-3:30 pm)

WORKSHOP 2 (3:30-4:30 pm): FinTech Players’ New Offerings in Cambodia and in the Southeast Asia Region

NETWORKING & REFRESHMENT #2 (4:30-4:45 pm)

WORKSHOP 3 (4:45-5:30 pm): Supply Chain, Purchase Order and Invoice Financing

  • An expert panel, led by Nishant Choudhary (DFDL Partner), to share DFDL’s experience with supply chain finance and give a comparison of regulatory frameworks across the region. The panelists are Vinay Ahuja (DFDL Partner) and Chuan How Tan (DFDL Head of Cambodia Banking, Finance and Technology Practice).


Seats are limited. Be sure to join us for this highly topical and first-ever workshop day and register now!

Payment is required before the event. No door payment.

Price: USD 49 (includes refreshments, networking sessions, panel discussions, museum visit, cocktail)