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Charles Amar Speaks at Lockdown Impact on Cambodia Construction Sector Event

On 5 May 2021, Charles Amar (DFDL Head of Cambodia Real Estate and Construction Practice) was pleased to speak at Eurocham Cambodia live event on “How the Lockdown in Cambodia will Impact the Construction Sector”.

Our expert started his presentation by giving an overview of the outbreak situation in Cambodia and of the different measures taken by the Royal Government of Cambodia to limit the spread of the virus. In the second part of his speech, Charles mentioned the impact of the lockdown on the Cambodian construction sector and he outlined clear and tangible actions that construction companies can legally take to cope with the situation.

The live event concluded with an engaging and interactive Q&A session with a lot of questions received from the over 200 attendees. Charles, joined by Michel Cassagnes (Archetype Cambodia Managing Director), addressed most of the concerns and queries. The audience gained valuable insights and practical knowledge on how to adapt once the lockdown is fully lifted.

If you missed this live event and want to access the replay, please click here:

Charles was recently quoted in an article published in the Khmer Times: “Legal recourse for the locked-down construction sector”, which was published following this live event. The article focused on the legal recourse presented by Charles to counter lockdown-induced obstacles: