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DFDL & Austcham Lao Breakfast Briefing: Workforce Restructuring in the Lao PDR | 20 August 2020 | Vientiane

DFDL & Austcham Lao Organize Breakfast Briefing on Workforce Restructuring

On 20 August 2020, DFDL in association with Austcham Lao hosted a breakfast briefing on Workforce Restructuring in Vientiane, the Lao PDR.

Two of our labor experts, Standré Bezuidenhout (Senior Associate) and Bounyasith Daopasith (Legal Adviser) welcomed over 40 participants to discuss practical considerations for employers when implementing redundancies and other forms of workforce restructuring in the current labor market. They addressed the legal procedures to implement redundancies and fault-based terminations bearing in mind the related COVID-19 restrictions along with steps to be taken to minimize risks of disputes and severance obligations.

The concluding portion of the event was taken up with questions from attendees on the topics discussed with clear and practical answers and advice in return from our experts.

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20 August 2020 | 9 am – 10 am
Crowne Plaza
180,000 LAK for Austcham Lao members | 270,000 LAK for non-members


DFDL, in association with Austcham Lao, invite you to its upcoming breakfast briefing in Vientiane: “Workforce Restructuring in the Lao PDR” on 20 August 2020. 

Standré Bezuidenhout (Senior Associate) and Bounyasith Daopasith (Legal Adviser) will share practical considerations for employers when implementing redundancies and other workforce restructurings in the present labor market. They will address the legal process to implement redundancies and fault based terminations bearing in mind COVID-19 related restrictions as well as steps to be taken to minimize risk of disputes and severance obligations.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from our labor experts and get clear answers and advice during this uncertain time!

Seats are limited to 40, be sure to register.






Standré Bezuidenhout
Senior Associate

Bounyasith Daopasith
Bounyasith Daopasith
Legal Adviser