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DFDL Thailand Talks ‘Next Steps’ for Data Protection Act

The DFDL team is happy to acknowledge three key members of our Thailand office for their significant contributions to a recent workshop on the upcoming enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (“PDPA”), which is set to take effect on 1 June.

On 5 April, Anne Coulon (Regional Legal Adviser), Ng Woan Na (Regional Senior Legal Adviser) and Yada Hongchayangkool (Legal Adviser) were featured guest speakers at an event hosted by the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce (“FTCC”) titled “PDPA: Are You Ready? BtoB meetings”.

The well-attended seminar focused on the practical implications of the upcoming enforcement of data protection laws and on the need for companies to gearing up for the new measures. The day began with workshops and business-to-business meetings for FTCC members and guests.

As the FTCC pointed out, the PDPA will “significantly impact businesses that handle personal data, and it sets out heavy fines and penalties” for companies that fail to comply.

With that in mind, the DFDL team’s presentation was aptly titled “PDPA: Next Legal Steps,” and it focused on key practical guidelines that would help businesses remain compliant once the PDPA is implemented. The presentation was followed by meetings in which the DFDL team had the opportunity to connect with many companies and business leaders.