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Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Asia Conference, Hong Kong

When: 6–7 June 2016

WhereMandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

James Finch, Partner, will present on “Fraud and Asset Tracing in Myanmar” at the 2nd annual Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Asia Conference on 6–7 June 2016 at Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong. 

James will discuss the following:

  • Overview of fraud in Myanmar
  • What is the legal framework in Myanmar to assist in asset recovery?
  • Money laundering and domestic legislation relevant to asset recovery
  • Pre-emptive steps that need to be taken in fraud actions
  • Legal and procedural challenges in fraud investigations
  • Identifying the main barriers to asset recovery  compliance issues
  • Recognition of judgments and arbitral awards
  • Best practices for obtaining assistance  in Myanmar with respect to transnational fraud cases

This conference will provide an extensive coverage of how the key legal challenges can be overcome in different jurisdictions, you will also receive practical examples of innovative tools and methods that will assist you when planning your strategy for fraud litigation.

Please click here to view the agenda and other information. 

DFDL speaker:

James Finch