Clint O’Connell Named Chairman of AmCham Tax & Legal Team

DFDL is pleased to announce that Clint O’Connell (Partner, Cambodia Deputy Managing Director & Head of the Cambodia Tax Practice) was selected as chairman of the Tax and Legal Advocacy Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (“AmCham”).

The announcement was made on 16 June 2022 at an AmCham meeting held at the Rosewood in Phnom Penh. At the meeting, Clint led a discussion on the taxation of trusts and updated the committee on progress of Working Group D, which includes shareholder loans, non-resident e-commerce registration and rental deposits.

The committee also discussed a range of current issues, such as the filing requirements for the Accounting and Auditing Regulator and taxes on the sale of shares.

Clint thanks AmCham for the opportunity to act as Chairman and he looks forward to making this an inclusive, pro-active and interesting committee.

DFDL Cambodia wishes to congratulate Clint on his new role!