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Clint O’connell on Cambodia’s tax reforms and their impact on business and investment


Kali Kotoski of The Phnom Penh Post has interviewed Clint O’Connell, Head of Tax in Cambodia, about tax reforms and their impact on business and investment in Cambodia. One of the matters he discussed was the scrapping of estimated tax regime – which according to him is good as there will be more consistency and transparency as to how tax is assessed and collected.

When asked about the current investment climate in Cambodia, Clint’s says that Cambodia is still very favourable and competitive when compared to other ASEAN members.

“Cambodia has an open and liberal foreign investment regime, which is currently being reviewed to ensure that it continues to compete with its neighbours. A revamped tax system will most definitely encourage FDI as investors want to operate in an environment where the tax regulations are applied with consistency and transparency, and fairly,” says Clint.

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