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DFDL Bangladesh hosted an Iftar at a local restaurant

DFDL Bangladesh hosted an iftar (meal taken in the evening for breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan) at a local restaurant for the clients in Bangladesh. The event was very well attended.

About 60 (sixty) people attended the event including existing and potential clients. Attendees included, His Excellency the Ambassador of Philippines to Bangladesh, Chief Representative of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Country Manager of PepsiCo, Attaché of Singapore Consulate, Senior Investment Officer of DEG, Legal Counsel of British American Tobacco, a team from the Standard Chartered Bank, including the Head of Corporate Banking, two unit heads including the unit responsible for power and infrastructure development, Country Manager of Singapore Airlines, Head of Corporate Banking of Citibank N.A., a partner of KPMG.

Moreover, a number of senior executives from local banks and financial institutions, including the Chief Executive Officer of BRAC Bank, Deputy Managing Director of Prime Bank – local banks, Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director of IPDC, Deputy Managing Director of IDLC – local non-banking financial institutions, team from IDCOL – a local non-banking financial institution focusing on project finance, including the unit heads of large infrastructure and small and medium infrastructure and Chief Executive Officer of BRAC EPL – a local investment bank, were also present.

The iftar party arranged by DFDL Bangladesh also coincided with Bangladesh trip of Martin Desautels, the Regional Managing Partner. Martin was able to attend the party with the employees of DFDL Bangladesh.

DFDL Bangladesh IFTAR