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DFDL Introduces Legal Incubation Program to Fintech Startups in Thailand

On Valentine’s Day, 14 February this year, DFDL participated in the F13 Grand Opening organized by the Thai Fintech Association. DFDL took this opportunity to introduce its Legal Incubation Program, Get Started, to not only the 13 startups participating in the inaugural pilot program but also to the public at large. The range of attendees featured politicians, banks, and large international firms. DFDL’s booth attracted notable interest aided by our team made up of Vinay Ahuja, Simon Z. Rajan, Nipaporn Supha-Utchaichan and Thamonwan Na Nakara.

F13 was initiated by the Thai Fintech Association in order to accelerate the fintech industry development. F13 is a sandbox for fintech startups to test and validate their product and service with real customers.

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