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Jonathan Blaine Speaks at AMCHAM Thailand Tax Committee Seminar

On 28 October 2019, the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (“AMCHAM Thailand”) organized the Tax Committee seminar on Estate Planning for Mixed Nationality Families, at the Oriental Residence, Bangkok.

Jonathan Blaine, Thailand Tax Director and Head of the Regional Compliance & Investigations Practice at DFDL, served as one of the keynote speakers at this tax event along with Art Winter, Partner at Winter & Melbinger.

This seminar aimed to help holders of dual-nationality, or marriages and families with mixed-nationality couples, or children of such marriages understand the intricacies, challenges and opportunities involved when it comes to cross-boarded estate and succession planning.

Jonathan and Art discussed straightforward steps that can be taken to ensure that a surviving spouse has access to the assets that wish to be passed on in the case of death. They also explained successful inheritance processes, estate and income tax minimization strategies. During this afternoon session, case studies and examples were discussed based on the stories and real-life experiences of dual US and Thai nationals and those marriages involving mixed-nationality couples.

This insightful session concluded with a lively and engaging Q&A session with the participants in attendance, all of whom gained valuable and welcome insights on the practicalities of estate planning for mixed nationality families.

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