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Leading World Bank Economist Discusses Labor Reform with EuroCham Myanmar


Wendy Cunningham, the World Bank’s lead economist from Washington, recently visited Myanmar to meet with DFDL Senior Legal Adviser Nishant Choudhary, in his role as the new Co-Chair of EuroCham Myanmar’s Legal Advocacy Group and EuroCham Myanmar Executive Director Filip Lauwerysen. Together they held informative and productive discussions on the current status of European Industries active in Myanmar, especially in regard to labor legislation reform in Myanmar. Nishant provided an introduction on the latest changes surrounding labor reform, and the obstacles that still must be surmounted in order to foster greater foreign investor confidence in Myanmar’s business climate.

As above, DFDL is proud to announce Nishant Choudhary’s appointment as Co-chair of the Legal Advocacy Group of the European Chamber in Myanmar. As part of this role, he will be actively involved in sharing DFDL’s best practices in terms of tackling pressing legal issues, and offering innovative solutions to all commercial sectors doing business in Myanmar.

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