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Marion Carles-Salmon Participates in AMCHAM Thailand Webinar on Thailand New Personal Data Protection Act

On 22 February 2021, AMCHAM Thailand hosted the webinar “How Will Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) Impact Human Resources?” part of their PDPA Preparedness Live Event Series.

Marion Carles-Salmon (DFDL Head of Regional Employment & Labor Practice and Regional Senior Legal Adviser) joined as a presenter along with Edward Attanasio (Fabrinet Senior Vice President). Together they discussed how the PDPA regulates the usage and privacy of employee data, the implications it holds and how best to manage the resulting human resource risks.

Marion’s presentation primarily focused on human resource responsibilities regarding the usage of employees’ personal data under the PDPA and how to manage the compliance risks upon hiring, during employment and afterwards. Her speech also highlighted employees’ rights and their rights over how and if their personal data gets transferred.

The webinar was very well received by the attendees who learned volumes about the new PDPA and its forthcoming human resource impacts.  

This live event is a quick and easily accessible resource for human resource professionals and employees in Thailand to get to grips with the new PDPA and learn how companies and individuals can stay compliant with its new rules.

If you missed the webinar and want to access the replay, please click here: