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DFDL & AMCHAM : Investment Incentives & the Changing Power Portfolio | 7 August 2017 | Yangon

When : 7 August 2017

Where : DFDL Myanmar Office

The Myanmar Investment Law and recently released notifications have further opened the window for foreign direct investment in Myanmar. The AMCHAM Legal Committee discussed the new options for investment, priority sectors, as well as some notable changes in the investment regulations themselves.

Thie conversation was continued by discussing the government’s recent positions and policy changes in developing its power portfolio. The speakers provided insight into the question of “how does the government and the MOEE intend to satisfy growing demand across all sectors?” They discussed trends and recent movement in the MOEE and opportunities for greenfield project sponsors.

Date: 7 August 2017, Monday

Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

Venue: DFDL Myanmar Office, No 134-A, Than Lwin Road, Golden Valley Ward 1, Bahan Township, Yangon

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Ms. Clara at,

DFDL Speakers:

William D. Greenlee, Jr.
Partner, Managing Director, DFDL Myanmar
AMCHAM Legal Committee Chair

Dave Seibert
Senior Legal Advisor, DFDL Myanmar