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Hospitality and Restaurant Investment in Cambodia | 15 November 2017 | Bangkok

At the invitation of Kasikornbank, DFDL Legal Adviser Chatchai Sa-nguansuk delivered a presentation oon hospitality and restaurant investment in Cambodia last month.

The seminar concerned a general overview of the sectors, qualified investment projects, establishing companies in Cambodia, labour issues, and tax practices. As Thai investors continue to branch out across the region, this was a great chance for them to gain firsthand knowledge from DFDL’s experts.

The lively and informative event attracted influential attendees considering investing in Cambodia, all of whom were engaged throughout the seminar, as attested to by the amount of note taking and questions throughout the seminar. The seminar concluded with a lively question and answer session where the attendees had another chance to express their thoughts and concerns about investing in Cambodia.

Among the various topics discussed, key issues of concern raised included the challenges and difficulties that investors regularly have to face when investment in Cambodia – such as labour and tax concerns.

This event and the discussions that followed have greatly interested and inspired Thai investors. It can be expected that investment will continue to accelerate into this promising sector in Cambodia as the country continues its economic surge.

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