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Charles Amar’s New Article ‘Occupancy Certificates to Make Unauthorized Construction Legally Compliant’ published in Latest Issue of Cambodia’s Construction & Property Magazine

In the September Issue (No.53) of Cambodia’s bimonthly Construction & Property Magazine, a new article by Charles Amar (DFDL Cambodia Head of Real Estate Practice) has just been published.

In this article, Charles explains how unauthorized construction (built without a construction permit or not in accordance with the terms of one duly obtained) in Cambodia can now remedy this situation further to the promulgation (3 November 2019) of the Construction Law which granted a two year period allowing owners to bring such construction projects into compliance with the Law. Securing this occupancy certificate is dependent on certain factors such as certification by a qualified inspector that the building poses no dangers to its occupants or members of the general public and other criteria that Charles illustrates in further detail in this article. With this grace period due to end in less than two months’ time (3 November 2021), this article is a timely and easily readable reminder that time is running out for affected construction owners in Cambodia to remedy the legal status of their unauthorized constructions and that swift action is required now.

DFDL Cambodia’s Real Estate Practice has ample experience in assisting with and advising on such matters and we are available to discuss ways in which we could help you in regard to any of the above.

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