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DFDL Regional Data Centers Guide

Southeast Asia has become a global hotspot for data centers, ranging from smaller colocation centers to global hyperscale operators. It is now one of the fastest-growing data center markets in the world. 

The strong demand has been driven by the soaring consumption of data from both consumers and businesses in Southeast Asia, and the large-scale digital transformation currently underway, characterized by increased cloud storage, the emergence of 5G networks and the widescale application of the Internet of Things. Meanwhile, most countries are seeing their regulatory frameworks evolve towards stronger requirements for data localization. The global Covid-19 pandemic has been another catalyst of this trend, accelerating online work, business, shopping and social media platforms – most of which depend on secure and cost-efficient data centers. 


Strongly entrenched in the emerging markets of South and Southeast Asia, DFDL has been at the forefront of the region’s digital infrastructure projects and transactions, ranging from market entry and regulatory advice to land acquisition, joint venture agreements, cross-border financing and M&A transactions. DFDL has been privileged to work in the last few years on some of the very first and most prominent data center projects in its jurisdictions, on behalf on international operators and financial investors. Driven by a strong commercial sense and industry-specific experience, DFDL advisers are committed to assist you successfully in your data center project.

The information provided in this report has been prepared and collected by our regional offices and is derived from our team’s direct experience on the ground. We hope it will provide a stimulating overview of data centers issues and opportunities in the region.

Paul D. Volodarsky
Partner, Head of Regional Real Estate and Hospitality
Thailand, Vietnam
Paul Volodarsky is a Partner based in Vietnam and Thailand.