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Clint O’Connell Quoted in Cambodia Investment Review Article on Flow Meters for Beverage Producers

Clint O’Connell (Partner, Cambodia Deputy Managing Director & Head of Cambodia Tax Practice) was recently quoted in a Cambodia Investment Review article ‘Flow meters remain a problem for small beverage producers in Cambodia’. This article discusses the implementation of Prakas No. 010 on “the Local Manufacturers Obligation to place devices for measuring the volume of beer and non-alcoholic drinks” issued on 14 January 2021 by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. As the law seems to have grey areas concerning the size of enterprises required to install flow meters, some microbreweries and small beverage producers are concerned about the situation viewing the costs of flow meters implementation and maintenance.

Clint shares his view and mentions that this initiative aims to level the competitive playing field by targeting large breweries (such as foreign subsidiaries and branches of multinational companies in Cambodia). He believes the main goal of flow meters implementation is to set a consistent beverage production market and ensure everyone is paying fair share based on the number of units produced. He also compares the situation in Cambodia with the Thailand one where they have implemented the same requirement.

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Flow meters remain a problem for small beverage producers in Cambodia

Clint O'Connell
Partner, Managing Director I Head of Cambodia Tax and Accounting Practice
Clint leads the Cambodian Tax and Customs Practice and is based in Phnom Penh.