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[Infographic] Key Recommendations to Stay Compliant with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

As June 2022 approaches, many companies in Thailand are focusing on and racing towards the implementation of compliance mechanisms in advance of the adoption of the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”), Thailand’s new and all-encompassing data protection legislation. This new law will significantly impact businesses that handle personal data. It sets out heavy fines and penalties which will be imposed upon organizations that mishandle clients’ personal data.

In today’s infographic, we outline 4 key legal recommendations to stay compliant with the new regulatory framework.

Watch our brief, concise and easy-to-follow 4 minutes video to give yourself a proper and informed understanding on Thailand’s PDPA:

Ng Woan Na (Regional Senior Legal Adviser, China Desk) discusses how organizations in Thailand can adapt their practices and stay in compliance while collecting, processing, transferring and disclosing the personal data of their clients to third parties. She provides an insightful and accessible jargon-free overview on the legal standards that organizations need to abide by when dealing with personal data and how to ensure proactive and preventative compliance measures for the purpose of avoiding heavy fines and penalties.

Please feel free to contact Kraisorn Rueangkul, Partner and Ng Woan Na, Regional Senior Legal Adviser for any related queries.

The information provided here is for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice. Legal advice should be obtained from qualified legal counsel for all specific situations.

Kraisorn Rueangkul
Kraisorn is a Country Partner of DFDL Thailand, and the Country Head of the foreign direct investment, regulatory & compliance, and employment practice groups.