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Guide for Indian Investors 2014

We are pleased to introduce the DFDL India Desk’s Pocket guide to investing in the ASEAN region.

This guide was created by experts from DFDL in various countries and is intended to serve in providing Indian investors with valuable information when considering investing the ASEAN region. This guide provides a brief background on the various instruments used by each of the respective countries to facilitate outbound investment from India.

It covers Cambodia, Laos PDR, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia but also ASEAN-India relationship and how the impeding ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 will affect Indian investments into the region.

About DFDL India Desk

DFDL’s India Desk is comprised of lawyers with dedicated South Asia experience to focus on the business needs of our esteemed Indian clients. The India Desk focuses on all aspects of business and investment opportunities in connection with outbound investments into Southeast Asia, South Asia and beyond. Drawing on DFDL’s international and local expertise in legal and tax services combined with our understanding of Indian business culture and the interests of our Indian clients, DFDL is the go-to firm for Indian corporations looking to expand their businesses further into Asia.


VINAY AHUJA – Senior Adviser, Regional M&A Practice Group, Head DFDL India Desk