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Real Estate Investment Guide Vietnam – 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Real Estate Investment Guide in Vietnam, a comprehensive and practical guide for investors who are interested in exploring the opportunities and challenges in the Vietnamese real estate market.

The guide covers various aspects of real estate investment in Vietnam, such as:

  • Real property rights
  • Acquisition of ownership
  • Zoning and planning permissions
  • Construction
  • Tax
  • REIT
  • Real estate finance

Vietnam is expected to be a favorable destination for investment going forward.  The market outlook for 2023 is positive and resilient, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  With a booming economy, Vietnam has plenty to offer in terms of real estate investments as compared to more mature Asian markets, however like most opportunities there are also certain challenges that require navigation with legal and tax guidance.  At DFDL you will find both, and our advisors will assist and guide you on the best investment path. 

The guide is available for download below.  if you have any questions or feedback on the guide or if you need any assistance with your real estate projects in Vietnam, you may contact Paul Volodarsky.

Paul D. Volodarsky
Partner, Head of Regional Real Estate and Hospitality
Thailand, Vietnam
Paul Volodarsky is a Partner based in Vietnam and Thailand.