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Vietnam Investment Guide – Publication 2020

DFDL is pleased to announce the publication of the Vietnam Investment Guide – 2020 Edition.

On the back of Vietnam’s impressive containment of the coronavirus disease (“COVID”) pandemic thus far and its ability to ensure a safe and stable investment environment in the last two decades, Vietnam is planning to harvest the benefits of the after COVID economic rebound. The Government’s focus now is on ensuring macro-economic stability to bring about a faster-paced recovery and forcing breakthroughs by the national economy after the disruptive effects of the pandemic begin to wane. Among its many peers, Vietnam is uniquely and robustly positioned to prosper in the aftermath of the pandemic and can confidently assert itself as a safe, sustainable and reliable investment destination for investors. Thanks to its distinct natural advantages and a young, skilled and highly motivated workforce, Vietnam is a truly promising place for foreign investors to expand their supply chains.
Understanding the ins and outs of opening and developing a business in Vietnam can often be daunting. In light of this, DFDL’s Vietnam Investment Guide identifies the important challenges, opportunities, pitfalls and solutions when charting the course and navigating the currents of investing in the country.
DFDL advisers are dedicated to ensuring that the process of investing in the country is as simple and straightforward as possible. In this user-friendly guide our leading legal experts in their respective fields offer their opinions, guidance and share their experiences when mapping the contours of the regulatory framework governing investments in Vietnam.
This Investment Guide focuses on the current legal climate and identifies the various challenges and hurdles that investors are likely to face while at the same time equipping you with useful and insightful advice and solutions on how best to manage them.
Everything you need to know about contemporary laws and regulations is explained in a concise and systematic manner in this innovative and practical guide. Investors will learn about niche markets and investment pockets while gaining in-depth knowledge on the step-by-step processes of setting up a local presence and successfully doing business in Vietnam.