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DFDL advisers quoted on development in CLMV economies

DFDL Yangon Senior Adviser Jaime Casanova and DFDL Cambodia Managing Director Guillaume Massin have been quoted in a recent article entitled “Roads less travelled” published by the Asia Business Law Journal.

The article discusses how the CLMV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) are slowly catching up with the “Asian Tigers” as more and more foreign investors are lured into investing due to cheap labour, new foreign ownership rules, generous tax breaks and other incentives.

Mr. Casanova was quoted saying that “there are not many other untapped markets in the region or the world which rank up with the historic potential of Myanmar”.

Mr. Massin discussed how Cambodia has benefited from its bilateral trade with China. He said that while the slowdown in China’s economic growth and Cambodia’s construction sector will impact in lower trade volume, Cambodia remains a top investment destination.

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