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DFDL appoints Jack Sheehan as Regional Director – Tax & Customs Practice Group

DFDL appoints Jack Sheehan as Regional Director – Tax & Customs Practice Group

We are pleased to announce that Jack Sheehan has been appointed to the role of Regional Director for DFDL’s Tax and Customs Practice Group, effective as of 27 February 2012.

Jack replaces Edwin Vanderbruggen, who resigned from the Firm February 25, for the overall management of the practice and delivery of services to our clients in all jurisdictions in which DFDL operates.

It is important to note that contrary to statements submitted by Edwin to the press upon his resignation, his departure only affects a portion of our tax advisory teams in Cambodia and Vietnam.   All of our tax advisers in Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia and Bangladesh have stayed with the Firm.  Edwin’s departure only affects the tax practice in Cambodia and Vietnam and we have moved quickly to fill any gaps through reallocation of tax resources from other offices.   Our legal team remains fully intact throughout the region.

Since joining DFDL early in 2011 as head of the DFDL Tax and Customs Practice Group in Laos and Thailand, Jack has played a key role in the development of DFDL’s regional tax practice.

Jack has over ten years’ experience in Europe and Asia in various positions for both European and “Big Four” firms. He has worked in Southeast Asia for the past five years and before joining DFDL, headed the tax department of Ernst and Young in Vientiane.

He specializes in providing international tax planning and consulting, restructuring and compliance advice to a large range of industry sectors. Jack is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in the UK.





Regional Director – Tax & Customs Practice Group 



“I feel honored by the trust from DFDL’s partners. I will continue to serve our clients on a regional basis to the same level of commitment, dedication and professionalism that our clients have come to expect.“

“Our dedicated and experienced tax practice has existed since the inception of DFDL 18 years ago.  Tax advisory services are one of our core areas of expertise and are an essential component of our integrated practice. We will continue to serve our clients to the highest standards in accordance with our existing terms of engagement with them.


We are very confident Jack Sheehan is the right manager to ensure this leadership and business continuity with our clients. We are also confident Jack will continue to maintain high level of tax advisory services that our clients have come to expect from DFDL over the past 18 years.

Our aim has always been to serve our clients better wherever they invest across Asia and beyond. May they be assured all DFDL teams are committed to this engagement.”

L-Martin Desautels, Regional Managing Partner DFDL