Navigating Indonesian Investment with Jade Hwang: A Han Kun Law Offices (Singapore) Webinar Insight

On May 3rd, Han Kun Law Offices (Singapore)’s webinar shone a spotlight on the vibrant investment climate of Indonesia, featuring Jade Hwang, Foreign Counsel at Nusantara DFDL Partnership.

Jade’s presentation, titled “Investing in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges,” offered a comprehensive exploration of the region’s investment landscape. She navigated through the opportunities awaiting investors while addressing the complexities and challenges they may face.

Her talk provided a roadmap for potential PRC investors, highlighting strategic approaches to harnessing Indonesia’s growth potential. The session proved invaluable for attendees seeking to understand and engage with Indonesia’s diverse market.

Jade Hwang
Foreign Counsel
Jade is a corporate lawyer at Nusantara DFDL Partnership with expertise in cross-border M&A, joint ventures and corporate restructuring.