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DFDL Enhances Collaboration with Yingke Law Firm

DFDLis pleased to announce the Firm has recently signed a cooperation agreement with Yingke Law Firm, a full-service, international law firm based in the People’s Republic of China, to further enhance collaboration between the firms, by DFDL acting as a non-exclusive partner of Yingke in Southeast Asia and Bangladesh. Yingke boasts partners in 100 cities spanning 51 countries across the globe. Yingke has also established the Yingke Global Board of Directors, Yingke Global Advisory Board, Yingke Overseas China Center, and Yingke Global Legal Alliance as platforms to ensure Yingke plays a significant role in the provision of international legal services.

(Ms Audray Souche, Managing Director DFDL Thailand (left) and Ms Lin Yang, Yingke Global Partner and Executive Director of Yingke Global Board of Directors (right), sign the cooperation agreement)

We are enlightened to be collaborating with Yingke at a time when Chinese businesses are looking further afield as their ambitions lie behind the One Belt One Road Policy and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Route Economic Belt. Yingke aims to be at the forefront of these Chinese incentives and as partners, DFDL will be in a strategic position to assist Yingke with its aspirations for the region. DFDL is looking towards China as part of its strategic direction to further diversify the services the Firm offers and to accommodate the rise of this economic powerhouse. Since the turn of the century, Chinese businesses have been rapidly expanding their footprint in Southeast Asia and DFDL addressed this by introducing our China Desk to cope with the rising demand of Chinese businesses seeking our services across our markets. DFDL has represented various Chinese businesses, such as the China Development Bank, Bank of China, China National Petroleum Corporation, just to name a few.

DFDL hopes both parties can work together to ensure a strong relationship continues to blossom and both parties further prosper from the vast opportunities that are present in the region and further afield.

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