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DFDL Key Sponsor for the ASEAN Business Outlook survey

DFDL has been given the opportunity to be one of the key sponsors (and the only legal firm) at the 2012/2013 ASEAN Business Outlook Survey conducted by the AmCham in Singapore. This survey will be distributed to all AmCham’s in the ASEAN region, to all their members and at major upcoming ASEAN summits.

If you would like to read the survey, click here.

Key results of the study show:

U.S. companies are optimistic about business prospects in ASEAN, according to a survey conducted by the AmCham Singapore and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In a poll of 356 senior-level executives from U.S. companies across the region, 90% expect that their company’s trade and investment in the region will increase over the next five years.
Across the region, 21% of U.S. companies are planning to diversify some investments or business from China into ASEAN over the next two years, significantly higher than when asked in 2011.


For the first time, respondents were asked about Myanmar. While a majority do not export to Myanmar, 33% are exporting, or are planning to export to the country. Vietnam and Thailand had the first and second largest number of respondents considering exporting to Myanmar.
Singapore-based respondents are very satisfied with local factors and government institutions, specifically the stable government and political system (94%) and laws and regulations (86%). 40% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with labor costs; 48% office lease costs; and 77% housing costs.

For more information on the survey, click here.