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DFDL participates in the 2012 Career Forum in Phnom Penh

We are pleased to announce that DFDL will be participating in the Chambre de Commerce Franco-Cambodgienne (“CCFC”) annual Career Forum which will take place on Koh Pich (Diamond Island) in Phnom Penh from 22-24 June 2012.

The Career Forum is an important platform in Cambodia that allows employers and job seekers to meet and share information. Companies, NGOs and institutions participate in the forum by purchasing a booth space and throughout the 2 day open forum, disseminate information to visitors. The goal of the Career Forum is to promote Human Resources Enhancement policies, mingle with the other businesses as well as support our community. More than 15,000 professionals, graduates and visitors wishing to boost their careers are expected to attend throughout the weekend.

This year we have significant participation from advisers as well as support staff, including: Guillaume Massin, Olivier Kry, Adnan Khan, Vathana Sar, Seka Hep, Sophorn Kheang, Maya Ballard-Downs, Ryan Marin, Piseth Peng, Ky Chanpisey, Beata Carmichael and Syneng Ung.

If you would like to get more information on this event, please visit CCFC’s website, click here.