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DFDL’s Tony Campbell Delivers Leadership Seminar

DFDL Professional Development Director Tony Campbell delivered a breakfast seminar on 24 August on ‘Leading with Resilience’ for the Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce in Yangon. Over 60 people from a range of companies and organisations attended the event. The seminar covered micro business and lifestyle changes and their impact on efficiency, relationships, and organizational, team, and personal success. It focused on findings from recent research into the small changes that can lead to increased performance and help to build resilience before problems occur.

Jodi Weedon, CEO of the Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce commented, “The interactive session was engaging. We received many positive comments about it and interest in attending future breakfast seminars as well as longer workshops in house.”

Tony presented in a keen and engaging manner and attendees were impressed by his knowledge and experience. Many questions were posed throughout the seminar, reflecting Tony’s expertise in leadership and personal development matters.

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