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IPBA Journal: India-ASEAN FTA in services and investments: countdown to implementation

Vinay Ahuja and Kunal Sachdev wrote the article on “India-ASEAN FTA in services and investments: countdown to implementation” in the March issue of IPBA Journal, the official publication of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association.

The article covers the India-ASEAN services free trade agreement (FTA) which extends to telecommunications, information technology, transportation and logistics, financial services, education, real estate, business services, health and community/social services and certain free movement of natural persons and professionals.

The article looks to analyze the plausible effects the services FTA would have on the Southeast Asian region by determining who the intended beneficiaries are and the steps India and ASEAN must take to reach the ambitious trade target.

In the future, the FTA will promote more integration, the exploration of new markets, a competitive environment, specialization, freedom of movement and economic growth.

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