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Jonathan Blaine Co-Presents AmCham Webinar on US Income Tax Forecast for 2021

On 9 December 2020, Jonathan Blaine (DFDL Thailand Tax Director & Co-Head of Regional Compliance & Regulatory Practice) and Matthew Stevens (Director of Taxation of US Global Tax Plan) co-presented a webinar “What US Income Taxes May Look Like in 2021” as part of AMCHAM Thailand monthly Tax Committee event. The main topic of the webinar centered on possible impacts in terms of US tax liability and what significant changes can be foreseen following from the widely expected formation of a new administration led by Joseph Biden. Steven presented a discussion of how individual and corporate taxpayers should plan ahead for 2021 based on proposed changes to the US tax code that are currently in the pipeline, how these changes may impact estate planning for US citizens along while Jonathan provided a discussion on the technical aspect of the legislation process with predictions on when any new tax law might be passed and go into effect. This highly engaging and informative webinar was enthusiastically received and finished with a lively Q&A session with those in attendance asking interesting questions and learning more about the US income tax landscape to come.