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Jonathan Blaine wrote an article that has just been published in T-AB Magazine by AMCHAM

Jonathan Blaine, Tax Director of DFDL Thailand, has just written an article on Delinquent US Taxpayers recently featured in a Thai-American Business Magazine as published by The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.

The article outlines developments whereby the US Internal Revenue Service and the US Department of Immigration have joined forces to take action against delinquent US taxpayers.

In short, Jonathan describes how any US citizen owing more than USD 50,000 in back taxes to the IRS now runs the risk of finding their passport renewal being delayed by up to 90 days or more under the ‘FAST Act 2015’. The US State Department even has the power to cancel the passports of anyone owing such an amount. This has obvious ramifications on any US citizen living abroad that may be viewed by the IRS to be shirking their US tax obligations. Such a person may find themselves stranded abroad or worse, living illegally in a foreign country, pending settlement of their tax liabilities with the US government.

As the author makes clear, “it is advisable that any individual who owes significant taxes to the IRS should make arrangements to settle any outstanding amounts via immediate payment or through the negotiation of a payment plan prior to the first certifications or shortly thereafter to avoid delays in processing of any renewal application or worse, notification of pending cancellation.”

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