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New website of our associated firm in Indonesia : Mataram Partners

DFDL is proud to announce that the new and improved website of our associated firm in Indonesia, Mataram Partners, is now up and running. The site was developed with our support and our Indonesia Business Unit will be assisting with the development of the site. DFDL will also assist in improving the content of the site.

DFDL and Mataram have been working together closely for the past four years. The Indonesian arm of DFDL has been rapidly expanding with the emergence of Indonesia as an economic powerhouse in Asia.

DFDL is uniquely positioned with a wide presence across South Asia and Southeast Asia to benefit from the rapid and continuous growth of Indonesia’s economy. Foreign direct investments and intra-ASEAN investments are growing rapidly in the country. DFDL is perfectly placed to offer advice to those considering investments in the country and the wider region.

We invite you to visit

If you have any questions about Mataram Partners’ and DFDL’s Indonesia capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact:

Andi Zulfikar, Partner Mataram Partners