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Vantage Asia’s Article on Female Role Models Features Audray Souche

Vantage Asia’s Asia Business Law Journal’s latest issue on Asian Mosaic – Inspirational stories from senior female lawyers featured DFDL’s Audray Souche (Partner; Managing Director). Audrays’s article was featured under ‘Role Models & Representation – Why we need more women in leadership positions’. The article provided background on Audray’s role at DFDL and addressed the general issues faced by aspiring female lawyers, especially in the ASEAN region. The article emphasized the importance of mentoring, guiding and inspiring young female lawyers to move beyond their comfort zones and set their aims high to reach their full potential. Audray also highlighted the important benefits of having an effective female presence at the managerial and decision-making level to help re-shape a firm’s culture and bring a more holistic approach to growing a firm and reaching its commercial goals.

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