2021 01 December

Drones Regulatory Framework in Myanmar – Top 5 Key Q&As


The use of drones in the world is increasing very rapidly and plays an important role in optimizing processes across a various range of industries: agriculture, delivery services, infrastructure, mapping, military and so on. These machines are very efficient, effective, and safe tools for quality, safety and savings.

As we start seeing increased use of drones throughout the Southeast Asian region, DFDL has prepared a country-specific Q&A series on key questions that organizations or individuals might have when considering whether to use drones for corporate or personal use. The fourth guide focuses on Myanmar and details the current regulatory framework under the DCA-AC-AIR 01(R1) issued by the Myanmar Department of Civil Aviation.

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Drones Regulatory Framework in Bangladesh – Top 5 Key Q&As

Drones Regulatory Framework in Cambodia – Top 5 Key Q&As

Drones Regulatory Framework in Vietnam – Top 5 Key Q&As

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Key Contact

Vincent Morand
Senior Consultant, Regional Aviation Sector Key Contact

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